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24 Hot Potatoes in the Church Today

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Chapter 1
Help Meet, Not Help Mate
Genesis 2:18 has often been made the subject of popular preaching and teaching rendering that God gave to man a woman as a “helper,” “helpmate” or someone suitable to “help” him.

Chapter 2
The Law Is Made for the Lawless
and the Disobedient
This is a response to the issue of women in ministry and the use of 1 Timothy 2:11–15 and 3:2 to keep women from pastoral and ministry work.

Chapter 3
What God Has Cleansed,
That Call Not Unclean
This work was written after erroneous articles and radio programs on reasons that are often raised around the world on why women shouldn’t preach in the church.

Chapter 4
The Curse Reversed
A response to erroneous thoughts by some in the church who believe that male and female workers are satisfied for different reasons, and  the curse of Genesis 3:16.

Chapter 5
Male/Female Brain and the Gender Gap
The relentless, often erroneous teaching of the differences between men’s and women’s brains.

Chapter 6
Billion-Dollar Pawns
A view at the deceptive importance of clothing and personal appearance in today’s society.

Chapter 7
I Do … But
Some say that things are not getting worse today, it only seems that way because there are more people. However, records show that the rate of divorce went from 3 percent in the late 1800s to 50 percent and higher today.

Chapter 8
Time for Guerilla Living in Marriage
It has been said that one of the biggest losses of productivity in the workplace is trouble at home, and the biggest regret people have at the end of life is the lack of success in their family life.

Chapter 9
Sex, Life, and Abortion
Never before in our lifetime has there been so much obsession with sex, life, and abortion.

Chapter 10
When Does Life Begin?
A well-known and influential speaker being interviewed on CNN a while back, said that he believes life does not begin at conception. Therefore he approves of stem cell research.

Chapter 11
The Juxtaposition of
Baby Abortuaries and Puppy Mills
A look at the social irony of breeding designer dogs and killing human babies.

Chapter 12
Reprobate Genes
Are homosexuals born that way, or is it a personal choice?

Chapter 13
Pornography’s Accomplice
A candid search into pornography’s effect on society and its invisible promoters.

Chapter 14
Is Theology Relevant to the Christian?
Many Christians scoff at theology and theologians. This only shows their lack of knowledge on the subject. What is theology? Is it part and parcel of the Word of God?

Chapter 15
Is the Old Testament Still Relevant Today?
In spite of those who like to put away the Old Testament from the New, the fact is that the ancient Scriptures are just as relevant today, and as necessary as they were before Jesus walked on this earth.

Chapter 16
Where Are the Men in the Church?
A look at the bewildering lack of involvement of men in the church and an encouragement to them to get involved.

Chapter 17
Talent Recognition in the Church
Recognizing the talent that is in our own midst.

Chapter 18
Do Not Judge… Ever?
Is That What the Word of God Says?
A forthright discussion about the misunderstanding of today’s popular statement “Do not judge.”

Chapter 19
What’s Happened to the Church?
Have we become undiscerning, sloppy, and without wisdom in the church?

Chapter 20
Music in the Church
The effect rock-and-roll and heavy metal music has on the church and our society today.

Chapter 21
On the Jewish Feasts, the Saturday Sabbath,
Christmas, and Easter.
Many people are spending a lot of time discussing and seeking the truth about whether or not Christians should keep the Saturday Sabbath and the Jewish feasts, and celebrate Christmas and Easter.

Chapter 22
Is There a Hell or Not, and
Do You Know Where You Will Be?
Many people don’t believe in hell any more. But they still believe in heaven, saying that a good and loving God would not send people to hell— but He would send them only to heaven.

Chapter 23
Is Cremation Biblical?
Most people today are getting their loved ones cremated. Why has this procedure become so popular in our generation?

Chapter 24
What about the End Times?
Not many Christians talk about the end times in the church—not out loud anyway. However, most want to know what is going on in the world today and how all of it relates to their lives.

In Conclusion

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