Saturday, April 30, 2016

More on the matter of Christians keeping the Jewish Feasts

by Dr. Diane M. Hoffmann

I t is quite disturbing to see and hear of the interest of this movement picking up increasingly in our country as well as others.

An article in Breaking Israel News entitled “Christians Are Celebrating Passover. But Should They? By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz April 28, 2016, brings some good points in the explanation of what is happening with this issue:

“The unique phenomenon of Christians participating in Passover seders is beginning to catch on, as many non-Jews delve into the Jewish roots of their faith – but it is taking on new forms that are unexpected and may cross some delicate red lines."

It then tells the story of a woman in the United States who held a seder for about 20 people in her home. The article says that her husband then slaughtered a lamb – as a memorial mind you, not a sacrifice!

What is disturbing is that this is not happening just over in another country… it is even going on close to home. The movement is growing. What began as an innocent new experience some years ago for Christians to “connect with their Jewish roots”, picked up momentum to the point where now, it is not enough to re-enact the food symbolism of the Old Testament, or the shadow of the Christian Christ to come, but little by little and very subtly (the devil’s way of operating), now the ritual is graduating to the slaughtering of animals (lambs) in the individuals’ homes. 

Is this not a sign, in part, of the development of a cult? There is a story about Louis Riel from Canadian history that a lot of people do not know, told in the May/June issue of "Faith Today". 

I go into great details through a thorough search of scriptures from both the Old and the New Testaments to show whether or not Christians are required to keep the Jewish Feasts in this  time.

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