Saturday, January 2, 2016

On What God Has Cleansed, That Call Not Unclean and The Curse Reversed (Chapters 3, 4)

by Diane M. Hoffmann

Following is my response to a comment received from a reader regarding 'What God Has Cleansed, That Call Not Unclean and The Curse Reversed' (from  Chapters 3, 4) of the book "24 Hot Potatoes in the Church Today".

Here's the email I received from the reader:

"Diane....I can understand your frustrations in chapter 3 and 4, and you are correct about how the upbringing favors the male.  I think a lot of this comes straight from the very book you are so fond of (i.e.: The Bible). You really have to jump through hoops and rings to justify some of those passages. M."

My response:

The problems are not from the Word of God, they are from the misinterpretations of it...  and that’s what I’m trying to point out in my book. The more I read and research, the more I find this to be the case.  That’s what God came in the flesh to do: straighten out the direction of the wayward leadership of the Old Testament (and the New later on) and redeem mankind. He came as the light in a dark world. /DMH

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