Saturday, January 2, 2016

On "The Law Is Made For The Lawless And The Disobedient" (chapter 2).

by Diane M. Hoffmann

Following is my response to a comment received from a reader regarding 'The Law Is Made For The Lawless And The Disobedient, from Chapter 2 of the book "24 Hot Potatoes in the Church Today".

Here's the email I received from the reader:

"Diane, very interesting facts about the translations. Your title in Chapter two is in my opinion faulty -- Laws are not made for the criminals, they are made for the normal people like you and me. People like you and me fear breaking laws and ending up in jail. Criminals do not fear being in jail, they even thrive being in jail. They operate their business and function just as well in jail or out, so, what laws are there for criminals? A vacation off the streets. It’s all  a question of control, and the vast majority (us) is controlled. 

I also think that you are really going out of your way to save Paul’s reputation. He definitely had a bad streak for women no matter how you interpret his words. Face it. Paul’s ministry was and still is ‘an old boys club’. I can understand why you wish to save him: you can’t have part of the Bible being wrong. 

Man’s fear has nothing to do with the devil or God....99% of the time.  It has to do with his libido. Self- confidence and weak or strong ego, a self image that stems from a very early age, built up or thwarted by hundreds of other reasons that brainwashes the mind in believing garbage.  Looking at the context of scriptures is the same as studying the life and times of the Easter Bunny. M."

My response:


1) the law being made for the lawless is from scripture, and in this case, is related to the scriptures that the church leadership is using to keep women down – what I’m saying is that if a woman is in her proper place in the  church and in the family, the law that the church is using against woman is not made for her… she is right in God's eye.

2) I’m not defending Paul at all, I’m defending the woman’s place in the church as misinterpreted by the church leadership.

3) As for the rest of the comment, it really goes beyond the point of the chapter, but is nevertheless quite interesting...but, the law is not just for criminals -- and certainly not the way the reader's comment develops it.  It is, as the title says, "made for the lawless and the disobedient". What that means in here, as I cover in "24 Hot Potatoes in the Church Today", is that when scriptures are quoted out of context, if the intended object individuals already keep the law in question, then the law is not aimed at them according to the Word of God -- it is only mislead by the ones quoting out of context.

4) I also want to point out that the discussion in this chapter is not intended as the reader points out "to save Paul's reputation" in any way, shape or form.  My point is always to correct errors in the church within the interpretation of the Word of God, no matter who originally wrote it. I don't find Paul to be against women at all, on the contrary he speaks well and highly of many of them.

5) Then I quite agree for the most part with the comments from the reader in the last paragraph of his email,  EXCEPT of course for the last line which gives the reader away as being a non-believer and skeptic about the Word of God.  I do hope that eventually the reader will find truth in the pages of "24 Hot Potatoes in the Church Today". /DMH


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